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2015 COPUTEX IoT applications and connected devices technology forum

    Innovative IoT applications enabling business oppertunities of 50 billion connected devices
    With smart mobile devices increasingly popular with consumers to have broadening software applications and hardware platforms falling into place, the Internet of Things (IOT) is expected to emerge as a major force for driving industry growth, which is “The next big things” depicted by Morris Chang, chairman of TSMC.
    Entering the IoT era, application areas will include home, factory and retail stores, with solutions being as varied as wearable devices, smart equipments, and even mobile cash counters, though most access will come through mobile connectivity. By 2020, the market scale will up to 50 billion devices and the IoT application market value is expected to reach nearly US$2 trillion, according to Gartner.
    Instead, close cooperation among links in the supply chain is a more common strategy for bringing successful solutions to market. Application services will play a crucial role in the development of the IoT market.
    This forum is planned based on various emerging technologies including low power, low heat dissipation, small footprint and network connection. DIGITIMES holds IoT applications and connected devices technology forum in the third day of COMPUTEX 2015 Exhibition. The talented keynote speakers from Mediatek, Walta Electronic, ROHM, HGST, ThroughTek, Macronix, Gmobi, Marvell and Silicon Labs are invited to present on the latest development trends for IC components, sensors and solutions with the innovative ideas presented enabling participants to get a better grasp of the most advanced related technologies and inspiring those who wish to enter the market for IoT applications and services.

萬物物聯 開創500億部連網產品美麗新世界

    以萬物聯網(Internet of Things;IoT)為概念的物聯網架構,是資訊科技進一步融入生活的應用趨勢,也是智慧城市的建設基礎;物聯網在製造業智慧化生產管控架構所帶來的改變,更被視為是新一波的工業革命。
     物聯網的影響力,將深入到工業、商業、消費等各個層面之中。所帶來的產業發展機會更是雄厚。「The Next Big Things」,就是台積電董事長張忠謀對物聯網產業的觀點;在各產業研調單位對物聯網產業的發展預測中,IDC 估計 2020 年全球物聯網市場將高達 7.1兆美元,其規模將是將是 2015 年全球半導體市場的 20 倍;至於連網裝置數量上,全球物聯網裝置將達到250億個以上。
     引領全球走向科技應用革新的物聯網革命,隨時都將引爆。為了協助台灣及早掌握物聯網應用趨勢,DIGITIMES在COMPUTEX 2015展會第三日,特別籌劃「2015 COMPUTEX物聯應用暨聯網裝置開發論壇」,針對物聯網產業發展、裝置開發、服務與平台,進行深入的趨勢分享。本活動特別邀約了IoT各領域領導廠商,包括聯發科、華大電子、ROHM、HGST、物聯智慧、旺宏、移動通用電訊、Marvell、芯科電子等,各別帶來最新的物聯網技術與觀察,向與會的產業人士進行分享。
     論壇主題適合物聯網裝置開發工程師與專案人員、以及物聯網應用服務業者參加!如果您也對物聯網抱有高度期望,2015 COMPUTEX物聯應用暨聯網裝置開發論壇將是您不可錯過的趨勢饗宴!活動席次有限,報名從速。

如果,除了物聯網之外,若您對最新行動技術趨勢也有高度興趣,那就不能錯過6月3日舉辦的「2015 COMPUTEX行動技術論壇」,詳細活動內容與議程請連結活動官網進一步閱讀。

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