Cloud computing: A new era for 3C product development


While local IT players have taken a leadership position in the traditional 3C industries, they will face new challenges in the new “3C” markets of cloud computing, connectivity and client devices. This transition to the new 3C is especially important for Taiwan’s IT industry, as cloud computing will help to reshape traditional supply chains for both Taiwan hardware and software players. Government investment of NT$24 billion (around US$750million) is scheduled for the next five years, providing the driving force for developing innovation in the cloud computing industry. Investment will focus on developing cloud computing infrastructure, mobile devices and software services, and the plan is one of Taiwan’s core industrial policies.

In addition, organizations including Chunghwa Telecom, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Institute for Information Industry (III), Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (TEEMA), Information Service Industry Association and over 70 vendors from Taiwan’s information and communications technology (ICT) industries launched the Taiwan Cloud Computing Consortium in April, 2010. This new organization plans to establish a cloud computing development center through cooperation between government and private enterprise.

To highlight the emergence of this new era and to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of COMPUTEX Taipei, cloud computing technology will be the focus of the 2010 Taiwan Business Alliance Conference presented by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs: “Cloud computing: A new era for 3C product development.”

The conference will be held on May 31, one day before COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 opens, and will feature presentations by leading international high-tech firms, including Asustek, Advantech, AMD, Yahoo!, Atheros, Qualcomm, MSI and MIPS. Each of the companies will offer its perspective on how cloud computing is influencing trends in the 3C industries. The program will be conducted in English, with simultaneous Chinese and Japanese translation.

The conference hosts would like to welcome all members of the high-tech industry, including software and hardware partners, managers and finance professionals to attend the event. Participation is free of charge.