The Market for 5G Solutions

Demand for advanced 5G solutions continues to be on the rise. Global telecom giants count on Taiwan to perform as a testbed for the 5G Open-RAN solutions. The island aims to leverage its 5G expertise to maintain its competitive edge in the constantly changing ICT manufacturing. While the world continues to enhancing 5G performances, Taiwan teams up with domestic carriers to provide integrative solutions for the international telecom ecosystem. Join to see what practical 5G solutions are currently trending.

Why Attend?

5G is driving Global communication growth - DIGITIMES analyst Roger Huang and world-class telecom experts will dive deep with you into Taiwan's 5G supply chain ecosystem. TMYTEK CEO come to discuss deep into the design and usage of mmWave, and the breakthroughs in communication applications. AEWIN Product Marketer will discuss how open-Ran applications benefit 5G development. Lastly but not least, Askey Senior Director joins us to how 5G FWA solutions can be implemented in our daily lives!

Get Inspired and Take Action!

DIGITIMES partners up with 5G professionals, telecom engineers, and fellow attendees, to chew over 5G solution details. Join this session to hear from telecom experts and analysts about their approaches to designing, deploying, and analyzing 5G solutions. Hop in this free webinar now!

Oct 12, 2022

11:00am GMT+8

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Director of DIGITIMES Research
Roger Huang
The Vibrant Taiwan 5G Industry
Director of DIGITIMES Research
Roger Huang
5G Open RAN and MEC Enable Intelligent Applications
Product Marketer of AEWIN Tech
Tiana Shao
5G FWA Opportunity and Solution
Senior Director of Askey
Lance Liu
The Challenges to Designing mmWave Systems for 5G/B5G
Founder & President of TMYTEK
Su-Wei Chang
End of program
Keynote Speaker
Roger Huang

Director of DIGITIMES Research


Tiana Shao

Product Marketer


Lance Liu

Senior Director

Askey Computer Corp.

Su- Wei Chang

Founder and President


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