Our solution provides a real-time dashboard of integrated human health and predictive analytics to help corporates develop strategies to optimise quality of life. Our dashboards are tailored to meet the information needs of an organisation through embedding analytical filters in our digital tokens ((unique codes used to access app), and ultimately provide data for wider population health management systems.
iamYiam emulates a reinforcement learning setup, which represents a next generation AI platform requiring less data, less time and less computation power. iamYiam’s AI algorithms identify, extract, measure, map and evaluate impact relevant preventative health variables, putting whole humans, and prevention, not isolated diseases with isolated cures, at the heart of the solution.
Our research team over the past 5 years have analysed over +2,500 meta analysis and systematic reviews which directly covers results from +10,000 research papers out of +200,000 papers screened in the space of health and prevention. Furthermore, to keep the content of the platform up-to-date, iamYiam platform uses Natural Language Processing to screen the most recent publications and filter based on the measured similarity to the platform's recommendation/KPIs and flags them for data extraction by the research team. The extracted quality score, effect size, set of exclusions and demographic details are then used to adjust the contents of the platform based on scientific research.


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聯絡人:Lorena Puica





Lorena Puica


  • 1. Experience :
  • - created a decade-long career in strategy and investment management with global institutions working with portfolios of over
  • 2. 200billion :
  • -following 7 years of personal health challenges Lorena founded iamYiam.com as a Preventive Precision Health platform poised to leverage research, ML technology and creativity to empower 1bn people to take charge of their health everyday and lifelong by 2025
  • 3. Education : Lorena has achieved 5 degrees in mathematics, economics and finance
  • 4. Extras :
  • - published a book on Microfinance as a tool for empowering individuals towards Sustainable Growth
  • - extreme athlete with 2 world record events.
  • - born in Romania to father quantum physicist and mother entrepreneur