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AIPLUX is the pioneer in utilizing AI to generate specifications, visualizing patents, integrating different databases, and developing automation system like IPAS and IPRob.

1.IPAS integrates databases related to finance and IP to provide business intelligence and patent intelligence tools for decision making.
2.IPRob integrates administrative procedures in different countries. For users filing patents and trademarks in multiple countries, differences in forms, can be troublesome. IPRob can fill out different application forms automatically with RPA when the users intend to file IP in different countries.
The advantages we offer:
1. Simplified and intuitive user interface
2. Reduce administrative process time by 83%
3. Make technology easier to understand for consumers
4.Create resume for intellectual property and establish a dynamic ecosystem for startups and innovators.
5. Disintermediate and reduce the cost to manage property right portfolio by at least 70%
6.Compared to LegalZoom, our operation process is 50% simpler and AIPLUX costs 65% less. In addition, our operation is more intuitive and AIPLUX devotes to establish IP community.

Date of establishment:2019/3/25

Capital amount:$50,000,000

Fundraising round:Angel

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AIPLUX is the pioneer in utilizing AI to generate specifications, visualizing patents, integrating d…


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Contact person:DerrickWu

Contact phone:(886)277099960 #223


Team member



  • 1.RJ International Patent & Trademark Law office, Founder
  • 2.RJ International Consulting Co., Ltd, Founder
  • 3.Doctor of Law, Master of Management, Bachelor of IT
  • 4.Nearly 20 Years of IP Fir operating Member of the INTA&APAA 3.Association - more than 15 years of experience



  • 1.RJ International Patent & Trademark Office of Partner
  • 2.Taitung University Master of Science in Green Industry Management
  • 3.China University of Political Science and Law, School of Civil and Commercial Economics, Intellectual Property Law
  • 4.Bachelor of Finance, Tamkang University



  • 1.OWNYN Attorneys-at-law, Partner
  • 2.National Chiao Tung University, Master of Science and Technology Law Institute
  • 3.Deloitte & Touche, International Tax Department
  • 4.Legal Adviser of National Chiao Tung University of Alumni Association and NCTU Angel Club


Project Manager

  • 1.Expert of international intellectual property industry for more than 7 years
  • 2.System development engineer for more than 3 years
  • 3.Bachelor of Communication in Kaohsiung Normal University


IT Advisor

  • 1.2020 COVID-19 Mask Map Developer in Taiwan, Korea, Japan…etc
  • 2.Tainan City Government. Smart City Project, Executive Secretary
  • 3.Tainan City Government, Mayor’s Secretary
  • 4.Ministry of Economic Affairs, Policy Assessment Office, Analyst

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