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Essential solution

CarWink, the intuitive interactive system for Internet of Vehicles (IoV). It focuses on integrating the nice product design and the intuitive user experience. Furthermore, we expect to improve problems such as decreasing road rage, improving poor communication between vehicles, getting rid of cable mess from devices, and insufficient personalization of vehicles on the road.

Date of establishment:

Capital amount:$7,705,000

Fundraising round:Seed

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Company introduction

InnovArt is a Taiwan and LA based startup integrating Tech/ Design/ Business/ and UX talents togethe…


Detailed solution introduction

(1) 8-Bit LED Dynamic Animoji Communication
(2) Voice Recognition Technology (Voice Control) more...

Contact information

Contact person:Wei Cheng Chou

Contact phone:(886)22578-7420


Team member

周威成 Wei Cheng Chou

CEO/ Founder

  • 清華電機(碩)/ ArtCenter 交通工具設計系

蔡淮洋 Huai Yang Tsai


  • 中央資工(碩)/鴻海&聯發科系統工程師

余宗恩 Zong En Yu

Tech Lead

  • 台大電機(碩)/ 其他新創公司CTO

劉志豪 Chih Hao Liu

Tech Consultant

  • 台大應力(博)/ 鴻海永齡基金會協理

謝恩平 En Ping Hsieh

Android Engineer

  • 成大機械(碩)/ 遠傳軟體工程師

張博森 Person Chang

iOs Engineer

  • 台科大電子(碩)/ 遊戲開發工程師

楊雅涵 Sarena Yang


  • ArtCenter產品設計(碩)/ Samsung & HTC UXUI 設計師

高苡禎 Janina Kao

Senior Designer

  • AAU 產品設計(碩)/ HTC UXUI&Packaging設計師

王泓玄 Jo Chieh Wang

Product Designer

  • ArtCenter產品設計系

吳明礽 Ming Reng Wu

Marketing Lead

  • UCR BA/ Alibaba NA Marketing Director

林庭竹 Ting Chu Lin

Marketing PM

  • USC 傳播行銷(碩)

Veronica Wagenet

Marketing & UX Researcher

  • UCB Social Societies & Humanities

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Flexible PCB provider and Software as a Service

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