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PowerArena Inc. specializes in Deep Learning, helping its customers improve their overall OEE performance and help their customers make human factors through their own core algorithms and big data analysis and forecasting. With visualization and data visualization, the main system is through the real-time analysis of surveillance images and the Edge Computing and PowerArena cloud and computing platform to AI applications. Through PowerArena AI image analysis technology, the factory can help the plant to find out the low productivity efficiency and analyze the efficiency and behavior of the plant on the spot. Managers can use relevant data to make immediate staffing to achieve plant line optimization.

Date of establishment:2020/6/17

Capital amount:$50,000,000

Fundraising round:A round

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Company introduction

PowerArena Inc. is a company founded by former Google senior employees. It has strongholds in Hong K…


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Now that AI technology is mature, it has almost been able to replace human surveillance cameras thro…


Contact information

Contact person:Hung Wei Chien

Contact phone:(886)0266058100 #202



Team member

Ken Law


  • 1. Stanford University, USA
  • 2. One of the first Chinese employees of Google
  • 3. Hong Kong MotherApp CEO

Hauman Chou


  • 1. Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • 2. Former US Google Early Team Senior Business Director
  • 3. Hong Kong MotherApp Sales VP

Harold Cheng

Business Development Manager

  • CASwell Inc.(Ennoconn Group) network communication products PM

Startup teams

Memorence AI Ltd.

AI software, data sensing/acquisition software/hardware, inspection-as-a-service