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The IOEX solutions, to meet the needs of operators who ′provide application services to users through smart devices′, can be remotely connected, transmitted, accessed, and communicated without the need for a relay system. The IOEX solutions are complementary to existing cloud systems and also compatible with the existing central mechanism systems, assisting in lowering operating costs and can be used to create innovative functions to enhance product value. The introduction of 5G will greatly improve the operational efficiency of IOEX.

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Capital amount:$200,000

Fundraising round:Seed

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【IOEX, a solution for smart devices to move into the AIoT field】 The IOEX solution allows smart devi…


Contact information

Contact person:Aryan Hung

Contact phone:(886)22269-6501


Team member

Aryan Hung


  • Education: Institute of International Business, National Taiwan University
  • Specialized: Project management and business development
  • Working experience: 17 years
  • Qualifications:
  • 1. Foxconn Group:
  • -NOKIA + ODM project manager
  • -Department head of Spreadcomm Technology Corp.
  • -Operation Director of Shanghai Kortide Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 2. Mobile Phone Product Manager of DBTEL

Adguel Wang


  • Education:+Master+of+Automation+Engineering
  • Specialized:+RF+engineering+experience+and+Business+customer+service.
  • Working+experience:+16+years
  • Qualifications:
  • 1.+Pegatron+and+Foxconn+mobile+ODM+Hardware+manager
  • 2.+Foxconn+ODM+Product+Leader
  • 3.+Business+executives+of+FIH+Android+GMS

Anthony Lin


  • Education: Master of Information Engineering
  • Specialized:
  • 1. Development of Android and Linux IoT system functions and equipment.
  • 2. Application functions, the firmware of wireless communication products and qualifications of underlying development engineering.
  • Working+experience: 18 years
  • Qualifications:
  • 1. Over 10 years in Quanta Computer and Foxconn.
  • 2. Head of Foxconn ODM and independent product software department.

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