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PTCOM specializes in wireless communication and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. We are familiar with software and hardware integration and development, has participated in a number of development projects including smart doorbells, special WiFi cards, and we know about has the core communication issues of the Internet of Things (IOT) And potential market opportunities.

In response to the drastic increase in home care needs in the elderly, PTCOM is the first to launch its own branded product--OTT(One Touch Talk). Through OTT, elders can easily communicate with their family or caregivers. In the future, 5G communication technology and integration will be integrated. Monitor various health indicators and fall detection to keep track of elder status.

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Capital amount:$24,000,000

Fundraising round:No funding

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Since PTCOM establishment in 2016, starting from the IOT WiFi module, we have to make it easy for cu…


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PTFOG is a software and hardware integrated development platform dedicated to IOT. To upgrade the In…


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Contact person:Jarron Cho

Contact phone:(886)229759088


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Jarron Cho


  • Master of Telecommunications from National Taiwan University, good at communication system, network communication, software engineering, former product manager of IoT at SERCOMM CORPORATION, familiar with IoT industry and development, responsible for PTFOG service development and sales

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