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We’re providing a solution for manufacturing industry, which includes both hardware product and software as a service. For the hardware part, Smart Tag is our core technology- thermal thin film PCB, the most flexible PCB ever. The main purpose of this Smart Tag is monitoring, collecting and uploading data onto cloud platform- the machine learning platform via Bluetooth gateway. And since this Smart Tag is made by the most flexible PCB ever, it can stick to any surfaces, and at multiple points on one machine.
This SmartTag mainly collects three kinds of data: vibration, humidity, and temperature. Taking vibration for example, when sticking several tags onto the production line in a factory, we can get the time series of the vibration, not only at one point but we can have a 2-dimension dataset throughout the production line.
After collecting from these tags, the dataset will be uploaded onto the cloud system. We provide the platform: software as a service, to use the machine learning mechanism analyzing the time series of dataset, in order to identify the patterns of the vibration throughout the production line.
With this machine learning mechanism, when continuing monitoring the vibration, this platform can easily predict and detect the “danger zone”, which means the timing that the machine/production line needs to be maintained or be fixed. Or, companies can also forecast the quality of the products, based on these dataset.

Date of establishment:2020/3/31

Capital amount:$3,000,000

Fundraising round:Angel

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Smart Tag helps clients to upgrade their manufacturing lines, or machines immediately with minimum l…


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Contact information

Contact person:Kim Chang

Contact phone:(886)227755346


Team member

Kim Chang

Founder & CEO

  • Singularity University, 2018 Fall
  • Founder, Vibrasee
  • Business Development & Co-founder, Rong Seng Laboratories
  • Executive Assistant, GAMC Biotech Development Co.
  • MSc in Finance, TIAS Business School, Tilburg University, the Netherlands
  • MSc in Optics & Electronic, National Central University, Taiwan
  • Winner of Global Impact Challenge 2018 (APAC)
  • 2nd Prize in Shanghai Early Stage Startup Award
  • Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance Award: (1) Winner of R&D field, (2) Merit of AI field

Subra Eassuwaren

COO & Co-funder

  • Singularity University
  • Oxford University School of Law
  • Eswaran Brothers Exports Ltd., Director
  • Carbon Consulting Company, Founder & Director
  • Specialty in Business Development, Law, and Management

Jibin Mathew

CTO & Co-funder

  • Singularity University
  • Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Enginerring, India
  • Accubits Technology (AI & Block chain Solution), CTO
  • Machine Learning Consultant (Specialty in Machine Learning and Image Processing)
  • Global Impact Challenge winner in India
  • Antler Entrepreneur Program in Singapore
  • B.Tech from University of Kerala

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