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At LUBN, we are enabling data-driven property management through an integrated hardware & software platform.

The hardware is an LTE connected smart key box with an embedded camera. The device collects the data with its embedded sensors and sends to our cloud. Our Dashboard then aggregates the data and provides the B.I. to the Managers.

We have 3 cores. We achieve Security by layers of encryption and Cryptography. On top of that, we have the technology and knowledge to operate LTE Cat-M and cloud services. Last but not the least, we leverage computer vision to authenticate visitors with various permission levels.

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YC Chung

Founder & CEO

  • - 10+ yrs UX at Microsoft & Motorola
  • - Microsoft Surface Founding Team
  • - Windows 9/10 Lead Designer
  • - Windows Photos Lead Designer
  • - 19’ SSW Panel Speaker

Autumn Li

Founder & CTO

  • - 10+ yrs Dev Lead at MediaTek
  • - MTK BLE 4.0 SW Core Stack Dev
  • - MTK Connectivity IC Integration
  • - BT on MTK TV Platform at 2013 CES
  • - MTK MMS 1.3 Protocol Stack Upgrade

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Corporate Offices, Co-Working Spaces, Gyms and Sport Centers, Schools & Universities


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