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Deep01 is a Taiwan-based AI company focusing on developing AI solutions for acute intracerebral hemorrhage.

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Deep01, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) software designed to assist physicians to accura…


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ICH Detection, Location, & Notification
DeepCT detects intracranial hemorrhage in NCCT scans as …


Contact information

Contact person:Vicky Chou

Contact phone:(886)223659959


Team member

David Chou

Founder & CEO

  • David Chou, the founder and CEO of Deep01, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science and National Taiwan University Electrical Engineering, and was a research fellow at Harvard University. More:
  • Due to excellent achievement in AI medical field, David is awarded as 2020 Ten Outstanding Young Persons (十大傑出青年) and received by President Tsai at the Presidential Office.

Startup teams

aetherAI, CO., LTD

Digital Pathology Workflow System and AI-Powered Diagnostic Support


AI project developments and implementations

Aesop Technology

AI software as medical device and service