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DDM provides evidence-based, clinically-validated digital therapeutics demonstrated to improve population health. Gro Health, a DDM solution empowers patients to focus on their selected area of health: nutrition, sleep, activity, mental wellbeing, and achieve their self-selected health goals.

Date of establishment:2012/6/1

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Gro Health is an award-winning, evidence-based behaviour change platform that tackles non-communicab…


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Contact person:Arjun Panesar

Contact phone:(44)2476712712



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Arjun Panesar


  • Arjun is the founding CEO and Head of AI at Diabetes Digital Media (DDM). DDM provide evidence-based digital health technologies that are clinically demonstrated to improve patient and population health. Arjun has over 15 years of experience in scaling digital health technologies, with over 1.8 million people actively using a DDM service. Arjun is a multi-published, best-selling author on AI in healthcare and Fellow to the NHS Innovation Accelerator, NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme Board Innovation Advisor and Advisor to Information School, University of Sheffield.

Charlotte Summers


  • Charlotte is the Founding Chief Operating Officer and Head of Research at Diabetes Digital Media (DDM). She is a multi-published behavioural health researcher with unrivalled experience developing and scaling evidence-based digital health technologies that have been clinically validated to improve patient and population health. Charlotte has led the development and international scaling of DDM health solutions to 10 global markets in 6 languages.

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