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High cost MOCVD brings pressure on industry development and resources consumption

Date of establishment:2018/6/21

Capital amount:$37,000,000

Fundraising round:No funding

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Company introduction

New Up Innovation focus the development and application of MOCVD key hardware and epitaxial manufact…


Detailed solution introduction

MOCVD hardware components (Showerhead & Heater), which provides a more uniform laminar flow and temp…


Contact information

Contact person:Chen Chang Fu

Contact phone:(886)035820468


Team member

Chen Chang Fu

General Manager/ Founder

  • Master of Industrial and Technology Management, Wisconsin State University, USA
  • 1. Institute of Industrial Technology, Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Labs:
  • Feasibility study on the epitaxial soft and hardware modules of MOCVD
  • 2. New Up Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager & Founder:
  • Cell phone UVC sterilizer
  • Mini/Micro LED epitaxial manufacture

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