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Youuxi is a startup that specializes in Chinese AI copywriting algorithms. AI-Merc Copywriting is SaaS for marketing in MarTech. By deep-learning the AI-generated language that resonates the with target segment audience. Especially if you want to enter the 1.5 billion people Chinese market, you should not miss AI-Merc.

Date of establishment:2016/6/27

Capital amount:$5,000,000

Fundraising round:No funding

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Company introduction

Youuxi is a start-up company specializing in Chinese AI copywriting algorithms. It develops AI-gener…


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Youuxi is a startup company specializing in AI copywriting algorithms in the Chinese language. Devel…


Contact information

Contact person:Ariel Lin

Contact phone:(886)62477603


Team member

Ariel Lin


  • Responsible for "User Interface and Marketing".
  • Master of RRU majoring in business management. 

  • Work Experience:
  • Taipei 101 IOT manager, Foxconn Mobile EC director, 
 Buynow (China area) EC director, and ITRI Web2.0 PM.

Luke Lu


  • Responsible for "Business and IT Architecture."
  • Master of NYU majoring in computer science. 

  • Work Experience:
  • Google engineer, Juice Ads programmer, 
 IPTV CTO, Sun Microsystems senior engineer.

Vic Chou

AI Developer

  • Responsible for “Algorithm and system development”.
  • Master of Yuanzhi University majoring in computer science. 

  • Work Experience:
  • MPI Corporation AI manager,

  • Lite-on Tech. R&D deputy manager, D-Link Corporation engineer.

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