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We provide total solutions for the dentists and the dental clinic owners. Our services include with dental HiS software, e-commerce platform for dental supply, online/ off- line lecture and management consulting. We intend to implement the software with multiple functions including ERP, CRM, billing and AI image sourcing technology into all the dental practice. And hopefully become the game changer of global dentistry.

Date of establishment:2016/6/22

Capital amount:$29,499,982

Fundraising round:A round

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Contact person:Wendy Chang

Contact phone:(+886)223629877 #23


Team member

Casper Chen


  • Founder of dentall Co., Ltd.
  • DDS in Taiwan

TY Wang


  • PhD in computer science

Startup teams

dentall Co., Ltd.

dental HIS, Artificial Intelligence for Medical image analysis

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Neurobit Pupillograph; NeuroSpeed System(Nystagmograph)

Aesop Technology

AI software as medical device and service