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Essential solution

In order to solve the problems of depression patients' unwillingness to seek help, low return consultation rate, and high recurrence rate, we developed an AI voice emotional assistant dedicated to depression patients. This system can be used for the entire treatment process including initial diagnosis, return visits, treatment, and tracking of patients. In the process, get better quality of care.

Date of establishment:2018/11/24

Capital amount:$22,000,000

Fundraising round:A round

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Company introduction

Here Hear, a product of Bamboo Technology, is the leading brand of AI mental health technology servi…


Detailed solution introduction

The market positioning of Here Hear AI voice emotional assistant is to serve as a good communication…


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Contact person:黃筑萾

Contact phone:(886)0266058222 #222


Team member

Lynia Huang

Founder & CEO

Richard Chang

Co-founder & CTO

Startup teams

aetherAI, CO., LTD

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AI project developments and implementations

Aesop Technology

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