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Team8 is an universe for kids (6-12 years) including an OS that turns any Android phone (or our own watch) to safe and secure device.
Kids can create their own super-hero and use it in many games. BUT to do all those activities kids will have to do exercise daily!
Parents can also: check for allergies, set reminders, GPS tracking, Audio & video call, text, etc.
Behind a fun & engaging gaming universe, we are building the 1st Health & Education platform dedicated to kids.

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Capital amount:$700,000

Fundraising round:Angel

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We are a french company who moved 2 years ago to focus at first on Taiwan, and then expand to SEA, U…


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Team8 is universe for kids (6-12 years old), included in our own watch, or an OS that can turns any …


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Contact person:Stephane DAUCOURT

Contact phone:(France)612424245


Team member

Stephane Daucourt


  • 25 years experience as Artistic Director, self learner, he managed big customers such as L''''Oreal, Colgate-Palmolive, Danone (for example manage the world wide packaging identity).
  • This whole idea and project come from my personal experience. i use to be a fat kid who turn to an obese adult, in 2003 i lost more than 80kg (half of my weight at the time) in a year. I know how hard it can be to live through and with that, and even harder to get out of this. 5 years ago i got this idea of how could i avoid all this, and what would i have love to have when i was a kid.

Nicolas Meric


  • CTO software, PhD in particle physics, expert in artificial intelligence for healthcare.

Thibaut Fenain

Lead Tech

  • AI & Digital Innovation Manager & Android developer, Graduated from «Centrale Lille IG2I».

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Cyclers, runners, podologists, physical therapists etc.

Werold Games

AR interactions design and technology integration provider