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Pain Points Solutions:
1. For SI (System Integrator): No need to install APP in tablet or mobile to control discrete peripheral sensors.
2. For SI: Variant vital-signs can be captured by installing APP in a single device 5G-VSP.
3. For ARG (Academic and Research Group): Vital-sign sensors developed by consumer manufacturers or academic research teams are incompliance with medical regulatory.
4. For ARG: Raw data/waveforms cannot be obtained from existing mainstream multi-parameter patient monitors.
5. For ARG: Use 5G-VSP to avoid heavy hardware development in their own, saving time and efforts.

In-Hospital: ICU, RCW, Anesthesia Department, Post-Anesthesia, Recovery Room, Ward, ER, Ambulatory, Dialysis Room
Off-Hospital: Telehealth, home care

A 5G-based all-in-one patient monitor 5G-VSP integrates the collection and presentation of important patient vital-sign signals such as EKG, blood pressure and blood oxygen, it is necessary to manage time efficiently for clinical research and care providers collecting measurable vital-sign data.
5G-VSP can be used with third-party hardware and software to flexibly create smart medical electronics solutions for different medical scenarios, and can satisfy the needs of clinical research and care providers.

An APP-Installable 5G vital-sign solution platform is a patient monitor that provides a series of scalable physical parameter sensors:
1. Medical grade signal quality
2. Fully access to raw data and raw waveform
3. Advanced 5G mobile telecom enabled
4. Android-APP enabled open development environment
5. AI-based Verification System

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BROADSIMS is the first providing an APP-Installable 5G vital-sign solution as an open-innovation pla…


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Pain Points Solutions:
1. For SI (System Integrator): No need to install APP in tablet or mobile…


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