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Benano is the leading 3D structured light vision supplier in the market. Different from the products from laboratories, Benano team has been specialized in 3D vision for many years, and has rich experience in mass production and inline services of optical inspection products, helping users solve the problems that 2D vision or line laser can't do in the past.

Date of establishment:2017/1/18

Capital amount:$113,300,000

Fundraising round:No funding

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The technical team of Benano has more than ten years of experience in AOI machine and 3D structured …


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Benano has been focusing on the development of 3D structured light since first day, and currently ha…


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Contact person:Freddie Su

Contact phone:(886)932947077


Team member

Freddie Su

Sales Director

  • Researcher of ITRI
  • Chief Engineer of TRI
  • Sales Director of Benano

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