Executive Director of the CTOT
Jordan Reeves
Connecting Canada startups with Taiwan: Q&A with Jordan Reeves, executive director of Canadian Trade Office in Taipei
The Canadian Trade Office in Taipei is endeavoring to accelerate collaboration between Canadian startups and Taiwanese companies. Canada's AI strength and car-manufacturing prowess and Taiwan's competitiveness in ICT hardware manufacturing are complementary and have great potential to create synergies.
EV & AutoTech
Smart Healthcare
Supply Chain
Applied Brain Research (ABR)
ABR pioneers in brain-inspired AI to make devices smarter
Peter Suma, co-CEO of ABR, said that Nengo is the easiest to use and most powerful neuromorphic AI development studio for real-time, multi-platform AI system development. "Nengo allows developers to develop an AI model once for all platforms and then with the flip of a switch, run the algorithm on a neuromorphic chip and then benchmark all deployments easily to compare power, speed and accuracy."
Device makers searching for advanced Autonomous AI solutions
Healthcare wearables makers
Computer Vision
Deeplite accelerates time-to-market for AI applications to run on edge devices
Deeplite, the Canadian start-up, provides a software-based AI-Driven Optimizer to make DNNs faster, smaller and energy-efficient to run on edge device and more cost effectively in a cloud environment. Today, there is a significant challenge of running machine vision and perception AI applications on the limited compute power of edge devices and their associated chipsets.
Chip manufacturers / semiconductors that are seeking software partnerships
Manufacturing plants that need computer vision applications at the edge for process efficiencies
Device manufacturers that need to run deep neural networks at the edge and accelerate time-to-market
Visual inspection
Artificial Intelligence
Operational AI
Deeplite accelerates time-to-market for AI applications to run on edge devices
Deeplite, the Canadian start-up, provides a software-based AI-Driven Optimizer to make DNNs faster, smaller and energy-efficient to run on edge device and more cost effectively in a cloud environment. Today, there is a significant challenge of running machine vision and perception AI applications on the limited compute power of edge devices and their associated chipsets.
Electronic manufacturing
Automotive manufacturing
General manufacturing
Scale AI
Connecting AI and supply chain: Q&A with Scale AI CEO Julien Billot
Scale AI is Canada's artificial intelligence (AI) platform dedicated to building the next-generation supply chain and boosting industry performance by leveraging AI technologies. Digitimes recently talked to Scale AI CEO Julien Billot, who is also an adjunct professor of HEC Montreal and the Montreal lead for two transformational programs - NextAI and the CreativeDestructionLab (CDL) - aiming to launch and grow startups in AI leveraging Montreal tech and business ecosystem.
Blackberry IVY
Software-defined driving experience: Q&A with BlackBerry SVP Sarah Tatsis
BlackBerry and AWS formed a partnership in 2020 to launch BlackBerry IVY, a new intelligent vehicle data platform that provides automakers a consistent and secure way to analyze the in-vehicle information, and further use the information to create services for drivers to enhance the driving experience. Sarah Tatsis, BlackBerry SVP talked to DIGITIMES to comment on this collaboration and BlackBerry IVY's future development.
EV infrastructure
Energy management
end-to-end solutions
Electrum Charging Solutions
Energy management vital for EV charging infrastructure: Q&A with Electrum Charging Solutions CEO Broderick Gunning
Electrum Charging Solutions is a Canadian startup that provides end-to-end electrical infrastructure solutions to corporations, governments, utilities, developers, and OEM manufacturers first as an infrastructure installer and now by being a system integrator. It is participating in the 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan exhibition in Taipei. The company's CEO Broderick (Brodie) Gunning talked to DIGITIMES about the company's vision as a total solution provider to the EV ecosystem in North America and Asia.
Charging Hardware Manufacturer
Channel/Business Development
Increasing battery range by 30%, FTEX's powertrain solution boosts EV efficiency
FTEX's solution can be divided into two facets: hardware and software. The hardware increases vehicles' driving performance by improving the powertrain. The company pairs a GaNFET motor controller and a DC/DC converter, which allows the system to adjust its voltage dynamically, thus greatly increasing controller efficiency. In terms of software, FTEX uses its proprietary smart algorithm to control the DC/DC voltage output and the motor controller to continually reoptimize the powertrain in real time and increase efficiency, range and power.
Electric powertrain component suppliers
Makers of electric vehicles
intelligent conversational assistants
deep natural language-understanding
AI assistant empowers future of cars: Interview with Inago founder & CEO Ron Di Carlantonio
Inago is now working very closely with many carmakers and their tier-ones in Japan. Lately, the company also started working with German and US carmakers. Today Inago has a team that spans from Canada to Japan for developing and designing their AI-driven interactive and intelligent solutions.
Automotive OEMs
Automotive Tier 1 suppliers
Consumer electronic and IoT manufacturers
5G wireless power and data
Autonomous automobile
Slip-ring technology
Solace Power
Wireless power revolutionizes car manufacturing: Interview with Solace Power CEO Neil Chaulk
Neil Chaulk, CEO of Solace Power, mentioned that Equus can achieve that without requiring heavy, expensive ferrite shielding and typically maintains 75% efficiency with objects standing within its power field. With significantly higher power levels and common, low-cost shielding materials such as copper and aluminum, Solace Power is ready to bring its wireless power technology into the automotive industry.
Telecommunication services
Aerospace and defense
Cyber Security
Real-time Threat Prevention
Wedge Networks
Canadian startup Wedge Networks' protection technology blocks unknown threats on Internet in real time
The uniqueness of Wedge Networks' solutions lays on their proprietary and patented innovations, and unique application of artificial intelligence and autonomous machine learning to allow its Wedge Absolute Real Time Protection (Wedge ARP) platform to constantly learn and evolve. These solutions can protect an entire network and all its endpoints through a single point of deployment either in the cloud, in an endpoint, or through remote access. Furthermore, the solutions offered by Wedge Networks not only effectively filter and eliminate threats in Internet traffic, but also its proactive approach and high degree of automation greatly reduces the need to hire expensive network specialists to inspect, remediate and fix up any issues.
Individuals responsible for the cyber security, CTO, CISO, Senior Operations, Product or Network Security Heads.
Electric Vehicles (EV)
Smart Cars
Smart Transportation
Propulsion Quebec
Ecological transition in transportation: Q&A with Propulsion Quebec CEO Sarah Houde
As electrification becomes a clear trend for future cars, solutions for infrastructure, power supply and batteries are very much in need to develop a sound and sustainable ecosystem in line with such a trend. Propulsion Quebec is an NPO created to support the ecological transition of transportation by enhancing the collaborative efforts of the industry.
EV/ Automotive Business Partners
Electric Vehicles (EV)
Autonomous Cars
Smart Transportation
Project Arrow
The Canadian EV vision: Q&A with APMA SVP of innovation Warren Ali
Canada is the fourth largest vehicle exporting country in the world, making 2.1 million cars a year. And the country is keen to take its car industry to a new level. Last year, Canada's Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) launched Project Arrow - an initiative for developing electric vehicles (EV).
Automotive OEMs
EV Battery
Medical Device
Low Vision
Disruptive tech for vision-impaired: Gregory Ogorek, COO & president of eSight
Vision impairment and blindness caused by diseases such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a concern and potential threat to the economy for Asia, as the population is rapidly aging. eSight, a Canadian startup providing wearable devices to help restore or enhance the vision of people with low vision, is planning to expand to Asia by leveraging Taiwan as a platform for R&D and manufacturing for the region.
Business opportunities to enter China and Japan markets
KA Imaging
KA Imaging reinvents X-Ray market with dual-energy technology
X-ray imaging has existed for more than 120 years, but a Canada-based start-up, KA Imaging Inc, is trying to be a game changer for the long-established market. With the world's first portable dual-energy detector, the company aims to revolutionize the X-ray market and realize its vision of "Innovative X-ray everywhere".
Clinical trials
Digital imaging
Offering digital pathology SaaS, Canada-based startup ViewsIQ expands into Taiwan, Japan and China
To simplify medical testing and analytical processes has always been a major goal for medical technology innovations and precision medicine. Canada-based startup ViewsIQ provides digital pathology software platform - Panoptiq, which enables real-time digital data sharing to realize remote communication and connection for pathology consultations and make medical education and training more efficient.
trategic partners – distributor(s)
Customers – hospital networks
Intelligent Heart Failure Monitoring Platform
Artificial Intelligence
Medical Device
Medtech startup HemoCath aims to reduce hospital length of stay by 42% for heart failure patients with pulmonary artery monitoring SaaS
Medical and high-tech professionals are making major efforts to solve significant medical needs to address the world's leading cause of death - heart failure (HF) disease. Many Taiwan-based teams are trying to provide heart care applications based on non-invasive hardware, software and pattern detection of machine learning technologies. Canada-based medtech startup HemoCath co-founder and CEO Eric Caron is commercializing the firm's Intelligent Heart Failure Monitoring Platform to optimize medication dosing and treatment reducing hospitalization and rehospitalization for HF patients.
Fund raising
Business partner
Clinical, regulatory, reimbursement and commercialization strategies in Asia-Pacific
Artificial Intelligence
Startup MEDO.ai turns a new leaf for ultrasound examination, becoming a leader in AI-powered medical inspection technologies
The stethoscope may be the one instrument common to all medical professionals today in the 21st century. Its development process from invention to widespread use over the past 200 years is probably hard to imagine. The traditional stethoscope is an easily accessible tool, so too will be the future ultrasound device. Canada-based biotech startup MEDO.ai has developed a software platform based on AI and cloud computing technologies. When coupled with a handheld ultrasound device, MEDO.ai's solution can simplify the acquisition and interpretation of ultrasound images for diagnosing common and critical conditions for medical professionals, allowing them to work more efficiently and reliably.
Partners (OEM, PACS)
Prospective customers
Distribution partners
Activity Sensor
Activity Analytics
Altumview System
AltumView Systems uses edge computing to detect gait changes in older adults while protecting privacy
The world is aging. Taiwan is set to become super-aged by 2025 with one in five citizens being 65 or older. It is growingly important that an aging society bring can concepts and technologies of healthcare and preventive medicine into reality. In view of such needs, Canada-based biotech startup AltumView Systems leverages its expertise in image analysis systems, including sensors, data monitoring and warning, as well as system-level analysis, to help doctors, families and healthcare institutions with early detection of gait changes in older adults or loved ones to prevent the condition from worsening.
Channel partners
Institutional customers
VC investors
Testing for lung cancer just by breathing: Canadian startup Picomole has product listed with US FDA
Picomole's breath sampler has a simple exterior design and is very easy to use, so that high-quality breath samples can be collected with ease. Picomole is also in the final stages of ISO 13485 certification; the development process and quality of their products all adhere to ISO standards.
Manufacturing efficiencies – support in creating cost efficiencies for manufacturing and production
Product Launch for the Asia market
Expertise for the expansion of AI
Wireless IoT Connectivity
IoT Device Management
BehrTech makes IoT more flexible and reliable by building optimized LPWAN
Optimal network coverage is a key indicator of the effectiveness of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. In the past, the high power consumption and design cost of network architectures limited the generalization of IoT applications, but in recent...
ODM and OEM partners to help build more IoT devices such as chipsets, sensors, gateways
CoolIT Systems
Cutting-edge cooling technology combined with professional service - CoolIT Systems brings down IT systems' high fevers
CoolIT Systems has spent more than 10 years conducting research on the inner workings of servers, starting at the lowest level, gradually accumulating their expertise. The company was able to earn the trust of industry leaders to collaborate on the development of systems' core architecture. CoolIT Systems is already offering cutting-edge cooling solutions for high-speed computing products to multiple major global server providers. For example, direct liquid cooling (DLC) is used to help data centers where air cooling is not an option, thus reducing operation costs, and increase the systems' return on investment.
Global server OEMs
University and Government Research Data Centers
Private industries utilizing onsite data centers
Force/Torque Sensors
Small sensors, big goals: Q&A with ForceN CEO Robert Brooks and VP of engineering Albert Chen
Robert Brooks, CEO of ForceN, told Digitimes in a recent interview that his team aims to revolutionize the third wave of robotics by making the best sensors and the easiest sensors to integrate in the world. The Canadian startup company's vice president of engineering Albert Chen was also at the interview.
OEM robotics/automation equipment manufacturers looking to add force/torque sensing capability to their equipment
Broadband Vibration Sensing
Seismicity Monitoring
Symroc expands from earthquake prediction applications to industrial risk control solutions
The R&D team at Symroc, an innovative technology company in Canada, has developed an earthquake monitoring solution based on high-performance ultra-low frequency sensing technology. It has been applied to oil wells and natural gas extraction operations, and has been tremendously successful in many cases.
Natural disaster prevention government agencies
Construction and property management companies
Railway, high speed rail infrastructure companies
Event Mesh
Canadian firm Solace to power smart manufacturing and IoT in Taiwan
Solace is well established as a leader in event-streaming technology, with partners in a wide variety of industries including the London Stock Exchange, SAP, Airtel, NASA and more. Its services can also help power the smart manufacturing processes of "event-driven" enterprises, according to the company, which is seeking to expand its presence in Taiwan with assistance from the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOC).
Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
Stathera develops true dual-output MEMS oscillator for next-gen smart devices
George Xereas, Co-founder & CEO of Stathera, explained that the number of smart, connected devices are expected to surpass 74 billion by 2025, and as with every electronic device, they need at least one MHz frequency reference to support telecommunications (e.g. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and one kHz frequency reference to serves as a the Real-Time-Clock (RTC) or support stand-by modes.
Customers & reference design partners
Distribution channel and white-label partners
Strategic Investors
Secure networking
Remote monitoring
Process control
Skkynet combines safety and efficiency by building a secure network-connected industrial system
Skkynet's software and services have been applied in various industrial fields, such as energy, petrochemicals, minerals, manufacturing, medical and pharmaceuticals, and transportation. Major overseas firms, including Siemens, GE, ABB, Fuji Electric, Boeing, and other benchmark operators, use Skkynet's software. And in Taiwan, Chang Chun Group, China Motor Corporation, Taiwan Power Company, Formosa Plastics Group, and other large manufacturers in various fields have also imported Skkynet's DataHub to build their externally connected IIoT systems. As a result, they have given new life to the value of data, improved operational efficiency, and reduced operating costs on the production floor.
System integrator partners
Device manufacturers seeking embedded software solutions for data connectivity
video conferencing
virtual team collaboration
Startup Tauria to release security-focused teleconferencing program accessible to all
Founded in 2015, Canadian startup Tauria believes that the privacy and security of users are its foremost priority. The company seeks to bring privacy back to the users through its AES 256-compliant, military-grade, quantum-resistant encrypted virtual workspace. Unlike other teleconferencing software, the virtual workspace provided by Tauria guarantees complete privacy for all data sent by the user to Tauria data centers. In other words, only the intended recipients have access to his or her messages, video/audio conference, and files.
Business opportunities
Local technology partners
Electronic Components
SaaS (Software as a Service)
SaaS for component pricing: Q&A with Lytica chairman Ken Bradley
How much should one pay for a chip or a component? Lytica, a Canadian supply-chain pricing analytics company, has the answer. Founded by former Nortel chief procurement officer Ken Bradley, who, like many others in the IT industry, was once bemused by component pricing, Lytica is transforming itself into a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, helping OEM and EMS make well-informed deals when buying or selling.
EMS Companies
OEM Companies
Component Manufacturers
Surface engineering
Laser texturing
FLITE Material
FLITE Material Sciences enables sustainable development of high-precision processing with laser surface functionalization
FLITE looks to commercialize its core technologies developed through specialized R&D strength and join forces with customers to create instantaneous values. In sum, FLITE hopes to develop products and processing techniques that are safer, more durable and more environmentally friendly.
Semiconductor manufacturing
Cooling equipment
Medical devices