The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the concept of a globalized world! Manufacturers and corporations are relying on the Internet and remote management more than ever. Crisis thinking for corporations cannot stop post-pandemic, because it is vital to continue re-examining corporate finance and profile.
GIGAIPC now assists manufacturers and corporation to transform and develop the ability for the “future”.
By pointing out the difficulties in 2 major industrial fields, GIGAIPC offers suitable solutions!
Industry 4.0 Control and Management Issues
  1. Everyone shouts: Companies need digital transformation, but where do we start? and how can we achieve it in a single step?
  2. How should companies choose suitable equipment and devices to ensure that the "transformation" is competitive, stable and improving productive operations?
  3. Smart manufacturing contains plenty of technologies and IIoT devices. How can companies gradually upgrade their deployment of intelligentization and protect their valuable database and statistics?
Industry 4.0 Solutions
GIGAIPC has been working on the industry for years and has strengthened its technological know-how to innovate our product solutions and to provide the best support for the product.
Seven advantages:
  1. Satisfy the huge computing needs to improve image processing capabilities
  2. Improve product testing efficiency
  3. Reduce labor costs
  4. Improve production flexibility
  5. Improve image recognition performance (defect recognition, precise positioning recognition of robotic arms, automated guided vehicles, etc.)
  6. Industrial control equipment ensure stable operations in unstable working environments
  7. Communicating with multiple devices at the same time to simplify the manufacturing process and system-upgrade efforts.
Issues related to smart retail's demand for media mediums
  1. As marketing trends become obsolete at increasing speeds and marketing methods change with each passing day, the ability to capture the consumer’s attention in any way is good for the retail industry. The question then becomes : are there any suitable solutions that allow our customers to foresee the necessity of different media mediums in their smart retail transformation?
  2. Combining the media mediums: How can we ensure the clarity of the transmission image quality, face the challenges of digital computing, and protect the customer’s investments in existing equipment at the same time?
GIGAIPC continues to innovate with the retail industry, providing with not only big data management in response to the digital transformation, but also assistance in expanding image displays, incorporating augmented reality technology, and improving the quality of retail services. The seven advantages are:
  1. Revolutionizing the communication medium between the retail industry and consumers (text to audio and video)
  2. High-quality image transmission capabilities
  3. Image data acquisition and management
  4. Satisfying the huge computing needs for audio and video data to improve image processing capabilities
  5. Resistant to harsh environments while maintaining system stability
  6. Protecting the customer’s existing assets while preparing for future system upgrades.
  7. Improving competitive solutions by listening to the industry, while preparing for future system upgrades.