The world has a huge challenge ahead of it to move net zero by 2050 from a narrow possibility to a practical reality. According to McKinsey, a transition to net-zero emissions would entail much greater demand for electric vehicles. EV sales are expected to reach 15 million units in 2025 and exceed 30 million units in 2030, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 20%. About 30% of the vehicles sold worldwide will run on electricity.

In this webinar, Wolfspeed would like to share the design and implementation of Future EV, Green Energy and Power System by using Wolfspeed SiC, and the basic properties and behaviors of Silicon Carbide (SiC).

What are the advantages of using SiC at variously application compared with Silicon and IGBT? What SiC could benefit you at topology design corresponding and tips of Gate Driving with SiC MOSFETs?

Join Wolfspeed EV Webinar in exploring opportunities for global innovation, find out how to create an EV ecosystem and real blue ocean.

December 7th 2022
(GMT+5:30) 2PM - 3PM
Tristan Yen (Yen Huaiting)

Senior Field Applications Engineer | Wolfspeed

Mr. Tristan Yen is currently a senior application engineer at Wolfspeed Taiwan Limited in Taiwan. He has worked as a power supply application engineer at Delta and Liteon. Mainly responsible for server-related application power supply, and consumer electronics, and provide customer technical support to help customers accelerate product development cycles.

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