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AIchatin is an AI as a service (AIaaS) based on the cross-border SaaS cloud service powered by Ubestream. It can be a universal or customized application by multi-language AI chatbot connected to the AIchatin engine for website, IM, e.g. Line, FB messenger, WeChat, Telegram, or other interfaces. You can subscribe the AIchatin bot and easily provide the customer services of instant reply, personalized recommendation, message push, alert reminder, even to order fulfillment on the Internet or mobile devices by AI 24-7-365. If needed, the client may ask answering by human on the backend. The design of the human-assisted AI(hybrid AI) for AIchatin can improve the customer satisfaction by instant AI answering and human support with reducing costs of the customer service. Ubestream has launched the hybrid AI call center for customer service, AI travel bot for tour guide, and AI legal bot for law and regulations consulting. The advantages of applied AI Bot instead of human are:

1.Immediate response, no waiting!
2.Answer different customers at the same time, just one AI!
3.Reply 24-7-365, no pay, even overtime!
4.Always keep patient, no bias, never complaint to boss!

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Capital amount:$19,500,000

Fundraising round:A round

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The AIchatin is an AICT platform, which is a paradigm shifting from the traditional call center to t…


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Contact person:Steven Su

Contact phone:(886)287515176



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