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Neptune Container Swap (NCS) is a unique platform aim to eliminate unnecessary empty container repositioning cost by facilitating the swaps of leased containers among shipping lines.

Date of establishment:2016/10/18

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Contact person:Spencer

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Mobile:+886 939 281 861


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Spencer Feng


  • Spencer is a Certified Public Accountant in Taiwan. During his time at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, he was in charge of a team that provided several financial services such as financial/tax report audit, initial public offering, and due diligence. He also provided counseling services for the compliance of IFRS, requirements, and regulations of FSC, SEC, and taxation bureau. His team served a diverse customer base across industries of automobile manufacturing, integrated-circuit design, and investment consulting, with capitalizations ranging from hundreds of millions to tens of billions NTD. His most significant effort involved leading a thirty-men auditing project that spans two months in twenty-five cities.
  • Spencer is highly sensitive to software usability, from heavy exposures to many enterprise software systems throughout his career. In addition to his daily duties, he volunteered in a co-sale project of the latest generation of Oracle Hyperion, and in a personal project, he designed a B2B project management system that has been adopted by dozens of companies.
  • Interactions with clients gave him understandings in international corporate management and operations, as well as business development strategies while working as a team leader in the meticulous environment of Deloitte had honed his skills in leadership, project management, and abilities to analyze business affairs from both macro and micro perspectives.
  • Spencer received his Bachelor of Business and Administration degree in Accounting from Chengchi University.

John Chin


  • John is a with-distinction graduate of the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics degree in Honours Computer Science, Software Engineering Option, and a graduate of Stanford University with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, Real-World Computing.
  • John has diverse experiences with numerous projects across industries of logistics, medical, information technology, and gaming. He participated in the development of a complete automation solution for Air Canada cargo warehouse, where he worked with Air Canada personnel to optimize internal cargo-handling processes. He spent four years in Electronic Arts Los Angeles, where he developed major parts of several acclaimed Command and Conquer titles. At iGware, John served as lead UI engineer where he architected, designed, and implemented the next-generation game console system UI framework.
  • John is entrepreneurial in nature, and highly passionate about software technologies, particularly computer graphics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and information system. These qualities led him to successes in several projects, one of which earned him an invitation to join professor Andrew Ng''s machine learning research lab at Stanford. His previous creation of a cloud-based, niche-marketed sales management system is still used by many local small businesses in Taiwan today.

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