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Essential solution

With the exclusive patented MMC technology and Data algorithm system, it takes only 10% of time of traditional way. It will also lower the cost and raise the resolution as 8K. The details of portraits, treasures, and various products can be revealed, and displayed in 720 degrees via mobile phone and any mobile device.

Date of establishment:2020/8/6

Capital amount:$5,000,000

Fundraising round:A round

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Company introduction

Ark Wisdom had created a new way of display that all the details of the item, antique and treasures …


Detailed solution introduction

Sampling without contacting, no laser, collection can be revealed via WebXR and the method of O2O2M,…


Contact information

Contact person:Hogan Lin

Contact phone:(886)0227790711


Team member

Ray Lin


  • • 2019 Smart City & IoT (Only 3 companies invited in Taiwan)
  • • 2019 FTV Accelerator-Startups 777 week championship
  • • 2019 Taiwan stratups pitch compitision finals elected
  • • 2018 DOED-Smart City & IoT innovation lab elected
  • • 20182019 MOST-Taipei Arena accelerator supporting startups elected
  • • 2018 SLUSH Shanghai Venture Capital Competition invited
  • • 2017 IAPS startups coundeling elected
  • • Transitions progressive multi-focus visual experience hall (3D optician service)
  • • Smart Home IPCAM Integrated Application Platform Development Plan (Smart Integration)
  • • Mobile phone+RFID+LBS 3-tier technology anti-counterfeiting Project
  • • Arwin Taiwin-Beauty care experience consulting project (ipad Comparison Consulting Interface Development)
  • • Fashion Guide MIT Taiwanese beauty brands expand sales -(Cross-border beauty marketing)

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