The secret to winning in a permacrisis world 0
Permacrisis, chosen as Collins Dictionary's word of the year, perfectly describes the situation the world faces today. In the midst of rising geopolitical tension, soaring inflation, continuing interest rate hikes, the Russia-Ukraine war and the U.S.-China conflicts, no corporate executives and economists can stay optimistic about the future.

Going into 2024, the world will still have to tackle both global economic uncertainties and geopolitical risks while overcoming the shortage of energy, labor as well as skilled talent. It will be a true test for manufacturers whether they can steer through the storm and minimize the impact from the chaos and uncertainties, amid which the Global South will play an instrumental role affecting the global supply chain planning.

Themed on "Reinventing the Future," DIGITIMES Supply Chain Summit 2023 will focus on six tracks — semiconductors, future cars, advanced manufacturing, information security, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud services. A team of DIGITIMES Research analysts, scholars and industry specialists will give you insights into growth opportunities as the global supply chain restructuring unfolds.

You are cordially invited to DIGITIMES Supply Chain Summit 2023, to take place on November 14-15 at the Taipei International Convention Center, for an in-depth look into new global supply chain strategies and trends to thereby find the winning formula for business success.
2023 Topics at a Glance 0
Envisioning the global semiconductor industry’s challenges and opportunities amid geopolitical uncertainties.
Future Car
How to get a head start and capture trillion-dollar business opportunities in the explosive global EV market.
Advanced Manufacturing
Is the Global South a viable solution to minimizing impact from the weak economy, as well as energy and environmental constraints?
Information Security
How can supply chains effectively prevent cyberattacks and ensure network security and reliability with cyberthreats evolving rapidly?
Exploring the forces that drive the world forward — AI, to be the game changer.
Cloud Services
Jump on the bandwagon — harness the power of cloud services to accelerate supply chain digital transformation and enable greater agility and flexibility
DIGITIMES Tech Trends, illuminating future tech trends0
DIGITIMES Tech Trends is the annual highlight of the technology industry, hosted by DIGITIMES Research. DIGITIMES Research focuses on three key topics in the technology industry, including semiconductors and components, core end products, and vertical application markets. We delve deep into 23 specific industries, precisely capturing research data that spans the entire industry's upstream, midstream, downstream, and end markets. Our commitment is to provide the high-tech supply chain with online market research databases, industry reports, and professional consulting services.
Supply Chain Experts0
Dr. Ajai Chowdhry
Founder HCL and Chairman EPIC Foundation
Colley Hwang
Founder & President
Santosh Pai
Dentons Link Legal
Eric Huang
Vice President
Tony Huang
Shuji Kimura
Asian Development Bank
Senior Transport Specialist
Peter J. Sher
Feng Chia University
Dean, Interdisciplinary Design Institute
You are invited to join face-to-face interactions with presenters and supply chain specialists and visit showcases of supply chain solutions at the event. Interpretation services in English and Chinese are available on site.
We offer live streaming of the event in English for overseas attendees to participate in the event in real time from anywhere in the world.
Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)0