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Imagine an emerging music artist, performing and uploading their music videos to YouTube, using their music to shoot a 5 seconds TikTok finger dance, merely uploading their music to Soundcloud, or passively expect Spotify editors to pick their songs to the hotlists. What they really lack is a tool to leverage the full power and specificity of music. And that's what Gemmi comes in.

In addition to all the things we've talked about already, it adds things that are really specific to music, like our Karaoke and Pop-Quiz functions, which allows true fans actually to sing along, to know more about the lyrics, and really engage with the music of their favorite artists. Gemmi integrates social functions to rebuild the experience of being a fan. The more time spends on using music, and fans would be more willing to support the artists. Gemmi is a solution for artists to promote their music work, gathering the core fans, and improve their profits.

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Capital amount:$7,500,000

Fundraising round:Seed

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Contact person:Ava Wen

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Ava Wen

Co-Founder & CEO

  • Contentos Foundation - VP of Marketing
  • *Binance Labs Invested Content Blockchain Project
  • *Samsung Blockchain Partner
  • Lang Live VP of Operation & Marketing - VP of Marketing
  • LiveMe Livestreaming Platform - Greater China Operation Director
  • iQIYI.com (NASDAQ:IQ) - Marketing Lead

Celia Liu

Co-Founder & CEO

  • iQIYI.com (NASDAQ:IQ) - Data Analysis Team Lead
  • AUO 友達光電 (NYSE:AUO) - Strategic Planning Analyst
  • 国立成功大学, Statistics

Bill Chung

Co-founder & CTO

  • Mercari (TYO:4385) - Software Engineer (Microservice Platform, SRE), Tokyo
  • Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK) - Sr Performance Engineer, Silicon Valley
  • NTU, Information Management
  • 国立成功大学, Statistics

Leo Chou

Co-founder & BD Lead

  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Game User Growth & Business Development - Clients: Blizzard Heroes of the Storm 、RO 仙境傳說 Ragnarok Online、陰陽師 Onmyoji
  • National Taipei University, Statistics

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