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Our product, Light-Sensing Biomarker Analyzer, combines fiber optics, microfluidics, AI and nanotechnology . It provides instant, simple and accurate measurements, which reduces costs by increasing efficiency and shortening the time to outcome. Conventional manual process takes three to five hours, which is a long time for nurses, doctors, and patients. Some of automatic machines are faster but cannot reduce the slow steps of the process, so it still takes one to three hours, while our light sensing technology gives results within five to fifteen minutes, and still keep wide linear range (~5 orders), ultra-sensitivity (~fg/ml ) and high specificity (analyte with double confirm), thus our technology can complete on-site detection to assist the medical personnel in speeding up their diagnosis and make timely medical decisions to avoid missing out on the best timing for treating the patients and damage and waste of medical resources.

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Capital amount:$45,000,000

Fundraising round:A round

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Instant NanoBiosensors Corporation (INB) was founded in 2016 with its headquarters located in Nangan…


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As a new company, we needed to prove our technology and capabilities, so we have worked with doctors…


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Contact person:Suri Huang

Contact phone:(886)226538655


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