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Witspal is a smart pen that can prevent nearsighted. we spent 5 years in designing and developing it. It consists of multiple sensors i.e. distance, light and gyroscope to detect the position, the amount of light and usage time when a child is writing with this pen. This data is stored and analyzed in cloud. Parents can now be aware of the learning situation of their children via IoT (iPhone or Android smartphone) and hence, prevent them from getting nearsighted.

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Capital amount:$3,000,000

Fundraising round:No funding

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In the era of sub-replacement fertility, children have become more and more precious assets, but hav…


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Contact person:Benson Lin

Contact phone:(886)3363-9098


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Benson Lin


  • The Taoyuan Public Government’s Cultural Affairs Department
  • commissioner
  • SS3c Consumer Communicate Chains Co., Ltd.
  • Marketing Department manager
  • DoubleGem Furniture Co., Ltd.
  • Marketing Department manager
  • Heltthin Medicine Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman Special Assistant

Karen Chang

product manager

  • Hanlin publish Marketing specialist
  • Department of Youth Affairs, Taoyuan TYCommander startup manager

Kengtso Chen


  • Department of Youth Affairs, Taoyuan Designer

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