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Wellgen Medical had contributed TB screening successfully with single scanner which achieves result of accuracy on 95.9% from 14,620 specimens in past 2.5 years. Recovering from COVID-19 outbreak, introducing AI images diagnosis technology shall become the first priority mission for each medical center. To integrate the complicated daily workflow, how to simplify the transition from manual microscopic images to systematic AI image is big challenge both for management team and clinical scientists in laboratory respectively. Wellgen discovered these obstacles from our previous clinical collaborative research and eventually develop our AI imaging system to solve all these problems.

Date of establishment:2020/6/7

Capital amount:$70,000,000

Fundraising round:A round

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Wellgen Medical was established in 2016, which specialized in development of Medical microscopic ima…


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Wellgen aims to develop a standardized microscopic imaging platform which serve the startups in digi…


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Contact person:Stella Huang

Contact phone:(886)075217098 #34



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