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WeavAir provides solutions that help our cities to adapt to environment & us. We built the world’s first device that harnesses environmental, mechanical and human metrics as well as predictive AI algorithms to manage high value air conditioning and purification systems, improve indoor air quality, save energy & streamline operations. WeavAir wireless modules attach to vents to measure key diagnostic metrics, streaming in real time. We offer unique insights and automation solutions to building managers and service providers, helping them save time and money while creating new revenue streams. The company is a winner of the Clean50 Top Project, Enactus Canada Award, Le Monde Smart City Award, Mobile World Congress IoT/WT Innovation World Cup, Audi Lab Award, Schneider Electric Award and UN WeGo Smart City Secretary General's award.

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Our vision at WeavAir is to improve public health while reducing energy consumption, costs and carbo…


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Aiphas. Co.

Smart Ward Solutions

Verdigris Technologies, Inc.

Verdigris Smart Meter, Smart Current Transmitter, Verdigris Analytic System

ForeAider Co.,Ltd

non-contact vital signs sensing technology