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Due to the problem of minority, old age and global sustainability, semiconductors, optoelectronics, aerospace, medical equipment, energy, electric vehicles, 3C electronics, precision machinery, etc., will use a large number of advanced materials that are lightweight, harder and resistant to high temperatures in the future.

Therefore, new material processing has become the new blue ocean market of CNC machine tool industry. The future winning point will be high-efficiency and high-quality hard and lightweight advanced material processing technology and equipment, no longer the traditional precision metal cutting technology.   

Hantop Intelligence Tech. (HiT) produces high performance ultrasonic machining tool-holder module of great quality. HiT module is compatible with CNC machine’s spindle, which can allow the CNC machine retrofitted to mill/drill/grind on ceramic, optical glass, tungsten steel, semiconductor wafer, composite material, and other advanced materials.

Because HiT module enhance the cut-chip removal process, reduces cutting force, and lowers cutter’s temperature, the benefits of using HiT module for advance material machining are the longer tool life, better surface finish, higher productivity and reducing the occurrence of chipping and micro-crack.

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