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MAKAR, with AI and Image Recognition technology, is the first self-made Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality open platform in Taiwan. Moreover, we own 8 patents and two LOGO IP.
MAKAR is designed to solve high-cost, high-tech and long-term development schedule. With an image-type drag and drop, users can quickly create anAR/VR mobile application in 10 minutes and do not need to learn any program language. The purpose of MAKAR is to allow everyone to freely edit and learn AR, VR and Mixed Reality (MR), no programming needed, reduce the threshold to access the AR/VR market and assist quickly spread of the AR, VR and MR market.

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Capital amount:$36,800

Fundraising round:No funding

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Contact person:Josh Kuo

Contact phone:(886)225682098


Team member

Roger Lu


  • • NCTU doctoral program. Expertise: computer graphics, image vision. North University and Liming Technical College, Lecturer, 12-year game development experience, 6-year teaching experience, 6 books related to game design.

Josh Kuo


  • • NCTU doctoral candidates, Specialties IoT intelligent system, innovation entrepreneurship and fundraising, innovation strategy and industrial analysis. 25 years of high-level management experience, and more than ten papers published.

Huang, Baiyuan

Senior Interactive Manager

  • North University S&T Institute, Expertise: Multimedia interaction, development of front-end and back-end systems, 6 years large-scale interactive design experience.

Cai, Yawen

Multimedia &interactive product/Education manager

  • aipei University Digital Marketing Department, Expertise: Multimedia Interaction, Marketing, 6 Year Teaching Experience, 5 Years of product sale and promotion experience.

Fei, Xiangjun

Algorithm development manager

  • • Chung Cheng University Institute of Physics, Expertise: Computer vision, graphic tracking algorithm, 5 years of depth learning experience, published 4 top journal articles.

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