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Oiyster is a travel social networking mobile app that connects traveler with local community to explore their travel destination in a authentic and local manner. This is done by allowing our users to ask any questions in their preferred language, direct them to a specific location or share their travel experience with other users in the form of pictures/ short videos.

。 Travel Social networking platform
。 Higher Interaction with users
。 Language matching for preferred choice of communication
。 Proximity recommendations by travelers and locals on demand, ensures updated in depth localized information (local hidden gems for e.g. 在地好吃,好玩,好康 that only locals know)
。 Hyperlocal topics/discussions, travel experiences using pictures, videos and/or short texts
。 Video challenge that all users can post and take part to enhance the level of community interaction and engagement, at the same time combining/strengthening travel and social elements.

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Capital amount:$5,050,000

Fundraising round:Seed

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Our objective/aim is to provide a platform connect travellers and the locals to explore the world in…


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Contact person:John Foo

Contact phone:(65)98371587



Team member

Foo Chuan Teng (John)

Co founder/ CEO

  • John Foo is a driven and passionate leader who takes pride in his work. Putting in more than 100% effort is a code that he lives by and will not compromise poor working results. He is resourceful and excels in public relations which makes him ideal for the face of the company as a CEO. John also assumes an integral role in business development as he has acquired a vast network vital for Oiyster and its success.
  • Through his experience in the investor and start-ups scene, our team is able to materialise an idea to a working prototype of Oiyster App. Moreover, he has bridge numerous contact to help validate and give feedback to Oiyster’s app (Tech in Asia, various other start-ups founders and tech industry individuals etc.), confirmed collaboration partners to work with us post launch, raise pre-seed funding during idealization. As his contacts and effort spread across East Asia, future expansion plan to Korea, Hong Kong could be path and put in motion once Taiwan has been stably established.
  • One year in Oiyster product launch initatives allows John to build a ever growing connection and network in the travel and tech industry both in Taiwan and South East Asia.

Ong Wei Sheng (Kyzer)

Co founder/ CMO

  • A self-motivated person who consistently challenge himself. Kyzer has been a marketing person in the F&B industry for over 5 years. Throughout his years in the marketing field, he has gained experience in CRM, re-branding, brand & product launches and managing a team of creative and marketing personnel.
  • Even though he has no direct experience in the travel industry, but being an avid traveller, Kyzer believes that in order to truly experience and enjoy travelling, one has to interact with the locals, immerse himself/herself into the culture and explore off the beaten path. With his knowledge in marketing and multimedia background, Kyzer developed Oiyster brand that is able to resonate with the company’s vision and its target audience. He is the strategist behind the creative campaigns that is in the pipeline. Kyzer is a thinker who believes that there is no one solution to a problem hence always challenging himself to come up with new creative ideas.

Ng Yisheng, Ibsen

Co founder/ COO

  • An individual who seeks perfection and pays attention to details. Through past experience in team management and project planning in Real Estate industry, Ibsen understands the importance of building a strong company culture fuelled by passion and drive. Analysis skills gained from being a Real Estate Sales and Management has allowed Ibsen to breakdown ideas and plans from fellow Co-founders into actionable steps to ensure efficiency.
  • Despite the vast difference between Real Estate and Travel industry, past project management experiences on creating systems to make company operates better are the same. Running day to day operations requires actionable metrics to effectively evaluate business decisions. Sharing the same passion of building a business in Travel Industry as his fellow Co-founders, Ibsen strongly believes that “if we don’t fix small problems on the get go, we can’t focus on the big picture”. Same applies to when traveling, if one avoids gritty details of planning a trip, problem will arise during the travel. Getting hands dirty to get the job done is necessary no matter how hard the work is.

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