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Unique multi-award winning AI systems to saves $bn's and thousands of lives

Our systems uniquely, objectively and accurately risk adjust for each patient and can tell which hospitals, specialties, consultants etc. are doing well (given their specific case-mix), where the hospital has issues for mortality and complications, what the causes are, their economic impact, and how to resolve them.

This means we tackle the variation and harm that is the key industry issue – delivering the silver bullet which is reduction in total cost of care (around $3-10m of direct costs per annum), while also demonstrably improving patient outcomes and up to 10% of clinical negligence costs.

Our approach is so effective, we are able to identify and help hospitals resolve the 83% of harms that even a US hospital group reputed for aviation standards of patient safety was not aware of (and 90% of harms in typical harms).

C2-Ai solutions can then support hospitals with forward-looking applications to triage and manage patients more effectively - optimising outcomes and cost-effectiveness. At scale in the NHS this would save 70,000 lives annually and £1bn.

C2-AI systems are not disruptive and no integration is required.

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C2-AI are global leaders in helping hospitals reduce issues such as Acute Kidney Injury (among other…


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Reducing Hospital-Acquired Acute Kidney Injury (HA-AKI) and Hospital Acquired Pneumonia



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Contact person:Richard Jones

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Mobile:+44 7811 166033

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Richard Jones

President and Chief Commercial Officer

  • Richard is a strategist who has helped create/build a number of technology companies that have achieved up to 250 times multiples on first round investment. He has extensive experience in developing the strategies, business models and commercial implementations on five continents. He is a board member of an AI-focused data centre business in Sweden and advisor to a number of start-ups in the UK and Africa.
  • He has degrees in engineering, an MBA with distinction (WBS) and has paused a doctorate in technology strategy and business models. He is also a published author on business strategy.

Steve Mackenney


  • Steve graduated in law from Cambridge University and qualified as a barrister with a specialist interest in medico-legal issues. He joined the UK Department of Health in 1994 and, over ten years, became the senior official responsible for Quality, Safety and Clinical Audit. Steve also led the work to develop the UK’s first set of national Healthcare Quality Standards.
  • During this time, Steve worked closely with Prof Aidan Halligan, Director of NHS Clinical Governance, who pioneered NHS training to improve patient care through learning from mistakes.
  • Steve has also spent time working internationally with the European Commission, Healthcare Sans Fronti?res and the WHO, developing a specialist interest in clinical governance and the quality of the “patient experience”.

Graham Copeland


  • Graham is a Consultant General Surgeon and author of the POSSUM scoring system for surgical audit, which is in use in well over 30 countries. He was the National Director for Clinical Audit in the UK and was an advisor for the NSQIP system that is widely used in the US.
  • He has been a specialist in clinical audit and outcome measures for over twenty years and is a known international authority on the subject, advising governments around the world on its effective application in medical practice and beyond. Graham has been an advisor to the US Veterans Administration and the American Surgical Association, the WHO, and at a national level in the UK, Germany, Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong, among others.