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PIMQ is the Industrial social network platform as well as the productivity intelligence management system. Through the AI system to collect the huge industrial related data, such as the people, machinery, material, spare parts, know-how and marketing information; turning the labelled data into the useful information. Factory management can easily view all manufacturer information in 10 sections on mobile phone. Main services are AI application, factory related positioning system, M2M and Deep learning service.

PIMQ understands that traditional factories and manufacturers want to modernize, but their attempts are often stymied by obstacles. Along with the perennial problems of retaining experienced craftsmen and difficulty in recruiting skilled workers, they are faced with an overwhelming number of systems in the market, lack of technology staff, difficulties in digitizing the enormous amount written records into a usable format, and inability to effectively extract strategic information from data. Despite the growing pressures from the marketplace to modernize, many decision makers hold on to conservative views and remain skeptical of proposals from technology companies.

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Capital amount:$29,000,000

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Our mission is to assist every single client in re-engineering bottleneck of operation to be the new…


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1.Positioning System:
We uniquely invented torch algorithm (virtual positioning) and firefly-su…


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Contact person:Andy Wang

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